Directly from our clients 123 News “I caught the entrepreneurial bug in 2009 and decided to leave my full-time government job to purchase an established franchise business. I knew commercial cleaning was a stable industry, so I was looking for a leader in the marketplace. I expected there would be high demand for a reputable, well known company. Clean Brite is that company.” – Tanya Crichton, Saskatoon, Sask.

Welcome to CleanBrite Canada

A Commercial Janitorial Services Franchise

Clean Brite of Canada Ltd. is a franchised janitorial service company with its head office in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Clean Brite has been incorporated for 25 years; however, the principle and managers have been in the janitorial business for almost three decades. The President and principal shareholder of Clean Brite is Mr. Steve Yang who also handles Regina as a corporate franchises. Mr. Yang has a B.Sc., and M.Sc., and a graduate from the University of Regina. This formal education has trained Mr. Yang both in administration aspect of the company and in the varied usage of chemical detergents. Mr. Yang is also the President of the chemical manufacturing division of Clean Brite Chemicals ltd. Clean Brite Chemicals manufactures environmentally friendly chemical products and has a sales force in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Due to the buying power of volume purchasing, all our franchises are able to reduce cleaning supplies and equipment costs substantially. These savings are of course passed on to our customers.


Directly from our Franchisee 123 News “In 9 months, we went from mediocre volume and profit as sole proprietors to huge monthly contracts and tremendously higher profits as Clean Brite franchisees.” – Tanya Crichton, Saskatoon, Sask.